Outdoor Digital Signage

“Consumers are paying attention to the information presented to them and acting on it, whether they are drawn to a location featured on an ad, discussing the ad with friends and family, or attending an advertised event.” —Nancy Fletcher, Outdoor Advertising Association of America


Drive-Through Menus

Marketing & Informational Billboards

Interactive Kiosks



Customers can interact with applications for entertainment, education and to receive relevant information

Targeted Marketing

Strategically placed signage influences your customers subconscious decision making


Dynamic wayfinding assist with customer navigation

Screens & Software

There is a lot of gray area when it comes to digital signage. Many business are using consumer HD TVs as “digital signage,” which means that they are missing out on important features that consumer TVs simply don’t have. — Samsung, Business


Direct View LED Displays

Direct view LEDs are bright and easy to see across a parking lot in any kind of weather and at any time of day or night. They’re also viewable from any angle, in any light.

High Bright LCD Displays

Outdoor LCD displays are built to withstand temperature highs and lows, as well as using special glass and coatings that protect against vandalism and graffiti and are readable even in bright sunlight.

Built-in CMS & SoC

Digital signage networks are built using smart signage displays that connect directly to the cloud over IP, enabling dynamic updates across multiple locations and tap into the smart signage display’s built-in systems.

Custom-Built Enclosures

At Embed Digital we build our outdoor enclosures to stand up to “the elements” with sturdy aluminum construction and glass overlays that protect your screens from wind, rain and graffiti. They are purpose built for your complete peace of mind.

Increasingly, smart digital displays are there to help, with the technology to offer easy, immediate access to information that improves lives: Cancellations and delays. Amber alerts. Updates on the big game, even from the concessions counter.

Samsung Business