Digital Signage for Retail

Real World Solutions

At Embed Digital, we fulfill our forward-thinking philosophies by providing a full suite of integrated software and hardware solutions. We identify the needs of our partners and aggressively develop custom add-ons for our MagicInfo™ SaaS platform. We provide the best-in-class functionality with the real-world needs of today’s changing Retail and QSR markets.

Our team of expert software developers, world-class designers, and dedicated account managers, enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions with aggressive ROI goals that are obtainable. This allows our clients to realize increasing conversion rates with maximum revenue per customer.

Major Benefits

  • Enable an immersive customer experience by allowing digital experiences to translate into offline shopping environments
  • Drive sales and brand awareness by attracting customers into the retail environment through engaging digital solutions
  • Launch content across an array of localized or off-site screens thanks to a cloud-based content management solution
  • Apply real-time customer preferences in order to optimize messages that appeal to target customers

Great work comes from great collaboration.

We work for and with forward-thinking companies to create great content for both their needs and ours.