The Complete Marketing Ecosystem

The Evolution of Integration

We forge links between the digital and physical realms of marketing. With the latest software and hardware solutions, we retarget customers online and onsite to create the most accurate advertising experience.


Online to Onsite Marketing

Get more from your customers by using their data to instantly retarget online and onsite advertisements.


Optimize your data to increase real-time sales!

Onsite Digital Marketing

Digital signage is invaluable to retail, QSR, and any industry that deals with changing information.

Compound the value of onsite marketing with the insight of customer data.

Onsite Digital Marketing
Combined with loyalty apps, computer vision, or proximity-sensing beacons, digital signage is a powerful onsite conduit for customer behavior data.
Feed customer behavior into an online marketing analytics engine and automatically retarget appropriate audience segments.

Marketing Platform

Embed Digital serves as an all-in-one integrator, in addition to being a digital signage provider. We bring together all the parts and pieces into one smooth solution.

We sweat the pixels.

We dive into every project with a magnifying glass and research every aspect of your problem before we even start planning and designing your solution.




Great work comes from great collaboration.

We work for and with forward-thinking companies to create great content for both their needs and ours.