Mobile Digital Signage

“Digital displays are displacing the aging, static displays of old. Vehicle top displays and food trucks with digital menu’s are the next evolution in digital signage”. — Mike Sisco, CEO Embed Digital


Vehicle Toppers

Mobile Restaurants

Mobile Venues


Digital Advertising

With the latest technology, advertisers of any size can now purchase digital advertising space with the click of a button

Dynamic Digital Menus

Mobile food vendors are now able to take advantage of digital menus with dynamic content enabled through wifi

Digital Signage

Digital signage enables mobile business owners to change their event information and pricing from day to day

Screens & Software

There is a lot of gray area when it comes to digital signage. Many business are using consumer HD TVs as “digital signage,” which means that they are missing out on important features that consumer TVs simply don’t have. — Samsung, Business


Custom Size Displays

Double Sided Enclosures

Mobile Technology

Custom Built Solutions

Every application of mobile digital signage presents its own challenges. At Embed Digital we focus on the type of business, the use case and specific application needs. Then we go to work designing and building the perfect solution, from custom built enclosures to the incorporation our own proprietary software.

Mobile Digital Signage
Custom Built Digital Menu enclosures for any application
Instantly update menu items and prices on the go using our brand new software DMC

"On-vehicle dynamic signage makes sense for everyone involved, and I'd like to see the advancement of this application of media for a wide range of commercial, public benefit and safety applications."

Joseph R. Madonia