Case Study

Pizza Hut


Southern California Pizza Company, the largest Pizza Hut franchisee group in California, asked us to create a scalable digital menu solution to increase sales in their franchises.

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza/pasta quick-service restaurant chain in the United States; a perfect candidate for a digital signage renovation.

Westminster, CA

The Westminster storefront represents the majority of Pizza Hut locations with its delivery/carry-out format. With limited space, it was important to communicate as much as possible with minimal hardware. The project consisted of two 22″ point of sale marketing screens and three 48″ digital menu screens. The space now looks much cleaner and lets the customers focus their attention on ordering as fast as possible.


Pizza Hut’s massive infrastructure includes multiple types of restaurants: express, delivery/carry-out, and dine-in. Uniform changes across one type of restaurant are difficult enough; changes across multiple variations are monumental.

Although most people are familiar with the traditional “red roof” Pizza Hut locations, with their relaxed family-style setting and limited bar menu, So Cal Pizza Co. wanted to expand on a Pizza Hut concept that would deliver an entertaining customer experience along with offering great food and service.


Instantly rollout promotions and menu prices across an entire region

Keep brand consistent in every location

Test new menus in different locations


So Cal Pizza Co. has continued to reach out to us for engaging digital signage solutions. We have worked with them since 2014, starting with their La Mirada location; they trust us to create beautiful content and interactivity.

We developed a 3-tiered digital menu system for So Cal Pizza Co. as options for their franchises: express, delivery/carryout, and dine-in.

From the smallest express locations (with space for only two menu screens) to locations like the new San Bernardino dine-in (with space for dozens of TVs and screens), Embed Digital has a digital signage solution for every situation.

La Mirada, CA

La Mirada was the first Pizza Hut location that we worked with. We installed the entire audio/visual and digital menu system, including three 22″ point of sale marketing screens. We continue to maintain and update the graphic content, so the location’s appeal is as fresh and consistent as the newest Pizza Hut locations.


Express restaurants utilize 2 screens with Pizza Hut’s condensed menu, with an optional marketing screen.


Delivery/carry-out restaurants utilize 3 screens with Pizza Hut’s condensed menu, with a marketing screen of the same size following.


Dine-in restaurants utilize 4 screens that show Pizza Hut’s entire menu, with an optional marketing screen.

The Embed Digital team has been an important part of the success of our dine-in business. The menu board systems they provide are key to grabbing the attention of today’s digital-savvy customer.

Jamie Nelson, COO of Southern California Pizza Company

Pizza Hut has a large menu with a wide variety of items. We took advantage of the flexible nature of digital signage and rotated large, eye-catching images of Pizza Hut’s flavor recipes to illustrate the extensive amount of options for every taste, ranging from meat-lovers to certified gluten-free.

Pizza Hut also offers a WingStreet menu to cast their net further to capture customers’ varied tastes. Families can order a meal to satisfy every member while clearly seeing it laid out before them.

San Bernardino, CA

We created a audio/visual system with 39 televisions and several digital signs for Pizza Hut’s flagship store in San Bernardino. So Cal Pizza Co. wanted this dine-in location to be a constantly entertaining experience, so we created constantly changing content to stimulate the audience. At each point of sale station, we installed a 22″ screen with custom content to market the latest meal deals. At the bar, we installed a 48″ screen marketing the new selection of hand-crafted drinks.

Marketing Screens

An easy way to get started with digital signage is to install a marketing screen. We created a 22″ point of sale marketing solution to feature new items, limited offers, suggested product mixes, and quick-serve lunch specials for the lunch rush crowd.

Embed Digital designed a custom mounting solution for the POS marketing screen that slides in under the POS terminal that takes less than a minute to install and does not require that terminal to be disconnected or disrupted. This solution can be directly shipped to any location with ease. The 22″ screens, like the other menu screens, can be updated instantly from our Cloud Based Content and Device Management System (CMS).

Paramount, CA

Pizza Hut’s Paramount location includes not only an audio/visual entertainment setup, but a special triple 55″ screen Food Mood marketing display. So Cal Pizza Co. wanted to excite customers about their special promotions, so we created custom animated content to play across the three screens.


Our digital menu solution for So Cal Pizza Co. has introduced a modern approach of handling large-scale menu changes while maintaining the national brand standard.

We are currently expanding our digital menu solutions all across Southern California Pizza Huts. Check out our work sometime and grab a slice!

La Puente, CA

The audio/visual system we created for Pizza Hut’s La Puente location includes menu screens, point of sale screens, and many television screens.

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