Case Study

Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop


Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop is a fast-casual restaurant franchise specializing in fresh food, responsible sourcing, and authentic experiences. Their new and old locations were being renovated into beautiful spaces, and they needed an elegant menu solution to match their upscale locations.


The top complaint from customers in other locations was the lack of menu readability, which led to confusion, indecisiveness, and added wait time.

Our client wanted a flexible clean solution that decreased customer frustration and also retained the authentic character that Greenleaf has cultivated.


Show 50+ item menu with high readability

Daypart menus to feature most appropriate items

Emphasize “farm-to-face” philosophy


We created a 6-screen, ceiling-mounted set-up to organize Greenleaf’s menu and make it easy for customers to quickly scan through the categories. We split their fluctuating, extensive menu into modular segments that could be rearranged into different menu sets for different dayparts.

Greenleaf’s major customer swells include happy hour and weekend brunch; we programmed different versions of the menu to be displayed during these hours. Since the screens are visible from a street with high foot traffic, we also programmed marketing images to be displayed during closed hours to inform and lure potential customers.

Good typographic hierarchy is crucial in increasing the readability of a display; we paired a flexible, high-contrast font family with a friendly body copy font to ensure legibility from a distance.

Utilizing their stunning food photography, we showcased the vibrancy and freshness of the food with animated carousels that cycle through the menu choices. We designed the menu layouts to reflect Greenleaf’s current branding on their website and reference the textured, crafty look of other locations.

We’ve seen a booming increase in sales whenever an image of a particular menu item is shown.

Cissy Baldwin, Director of Sales & Marketing, Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop


Our digital menu solution for Greenleaf has created an efficient and engaging experience for their customers; with a full, readable menu, guests can quickly decide on their order and reduce lines and wait times. The animated menu items draw guests’ eyes and create a desire to order the beautifully plated dishes.

This project was a great challenge and we were very happy to work with Greenleaf’s team to create a perfect solution for a wonderful dining experience.

We plan to work with Greenleaf’s other locations in the future to improve customer experience all over Southern California.