Indoor Digital Signage

The digital signage market is set to grow at an 8.94 percent compound annual growth rate between now and 2020. From increasing brand recognition to keeping customers happy, digital signage can do a lot for you. — SixteenNine


Menu & Marketing Boards

Interactive Kiosks

Business Communication


General information

News, weather, building directory with a map and fire exits

Internal information

Corporate messages and interactive screens that integrate with resource scheduling platforms

Product information

Pricing, photos, suggested applications, nutritional facts or suggested uses or recipes

Enhance customers experience

Reduction of perceived wait times with entertaining content such as demonstrations of recipes in food stores

Targeted messaging

Dayparting and targeted messaging promotes products or services in relation to time or location

Brand awareness

Digital signs promote your brand and build a brand identity

Influencing customer behavior

Increasing customer "dwell time" by directing them to specific areas of interest

Influence decision-making

Strategically placed signage influences your customers buying decisions


Interactive screens with dynamic wayfinding assist with customer navigation

Screens & Software

There is a lot of gray area when it comes to digital signage. Many business are using consumer HD TVs as “digital signage,” which means that they are missing out on important features that consumer TVs simply don’t have. — Samsung, Business


Direct View LED Displays

Direct view displays use LEDs as the screen itself. In other words, the LEDs act as the individual pixels of the displayed image. Generally, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to the screen and still see a great image.

LCD Flat Panel Displays

These flat-panel displays use LCD (liquid crystal display) technology and typically consist of a protective glass layer, an LCD sheet, with a light source behind them. They have brightness measurements up to 700 nits, which is bright and readable in indoor situations.

Built-in CMS & SoC

Digital signage networks are built using smart signage displays that connect directly to the cloud over IP, enabling dynamic updates across multiple locations and tap into the smart signage display’s built-in systems.

Customized Turn-Key Solutions

From POS advertisement screens, to networked menu solutions, every one of our customized, turn-key solutions are designed specifically for each businesses needs and goals. We work closely with you to define each and every aspect to deliver the solution that is just right for you.

Digital Signage Screens
POS Digital Advertisement – Promote your specials, LTO’s and Seasonal items
Digital Menu Boards – Display your menu items in a clear percise manner that captures your guests attention

Commercial-grade digital signage offers businesses of every size the tools to elevate and expand their marketing and sales reach. Leveraging powerful new display technologies and smart content platforms, Digital Signage pros can design creative, customized deployments that transform the previously mundane landscapes of business into opportunities to connect and engage with customers in more personalized and entertaining ways. In doing so, they get a return on investment that goes beyond higher sales volume to higher levels of client satisfaction.

“Savvy companies recognize that partnering with digital media in new and creative ways can only increase consumer loyalty and their bottom lines.”

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