Digital Signage and Marketing Experts

Embed Digital was established in late 2014 by Mike Sisco. Because of his 20 years experience in designing, building and managing Enterprise IT, Audio/Visual, Automation and Content Delivery Systems; he knew the coming advances in key technologies would profoundly transform the Digital Signage/Marketing industry. Embed Digital is now one of the top Digital Signage and Marketing integrators to offer complete turn-key solutions.

From Design to Installation, Content Creation to Management; our world class suite of customizable Digital Signage Solutions are what set us apart from the rest. Our visionary approach and ability to seamlessly integrate technological advancements has made us the preferred vendor to some of the largest franchises in the US.

Gone are the days of chalkboards, neon printed signs, stickers and magnets. Consumers want to be wowed by Dynamic Digital Content and we know exactly how to deliver! Now you, your vendors, partners and local businesses can stream high quality promotional ads, any time of the day, for any length of time and at any location! What’s more? – You are in complete control over each ad that is shown – maximizing efficiency and increasing revenue. “This new level of Digital Marketing is already changing the way that businesses advertise.” — Mike Sisco, CEO and Founder.